Guys, a Mic, and a Passion for All Things California Country…

Dave “Just Dave” Bernal, host of the California Country Show Radio Podcast, is the lead singer/songwriter of the Just Dave Band. The band’s high-energy performances give a “rocky” edge to country music, capturing the best of California Country’s sounds, blending Bakersfield and Laurel Canyon with a little Texas outlaw and Nashville harmonies thrown in. calls California’s San Fernando Valley home, which serves as a backdrop for his original songs. Many are a tribute to the “Laurel Canyon sound” made famous by singers and songwriters of the 1960s. He recently created the #CaliforniaCountry podcast. Heard on RangeRadio for an worldwide audience, it features the best in national and local talent with California roots.

Sidekick MC, Casey Cannon, is the lead singer/songwriter of 29 Mules and the new joint venture with John Schreffler, Jr., BlueJacket. Casey is an Air Force brat born in the Mojave Desert of California near Edwards AFB and raised in Ft. Worth, TX. Casey’s music is a blend of Texas Red Dirt Country and Southern Rock, and his passion for California Country is born from his family history in Oklahoma and exploring their migratory roots that followed the Okies West during the Great Depression and the campfire country music they brought with them that grew up into the Bakersfield Sound.

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Hosted by Just Dave and Casey Cannon