AUGUST 19, 2014

In this episode, we pay homage to a stable of talented artists out of the current LA country scene. Listen, love ’em and look ’em up!


  1. Ft. Worth Girl – BlueJacket.
  2. Like a Glove – Broken Bravado.
  3. New High New Low – Matt Barrow and the AllNighters.
  4. Night of a Couple of Heartaches – The Ponderosa Aces.
  5. Old Fixer Upper – Ben Dukes.
  6. You Cheat – Soda and His Million Piece Band.
  7. Roses – Alice Wallace.
  8. Codependence Day – Pilbilly Nights.
  9. I Feel a Heartache Coming On – Brian Spence.
  10. Shake It – Noah Engh “The Kid Fantastic”.
  11. Sugary Sweet – Quenby and the West of Wayland Band.
  12. Runaway Girl – Calico the Band.
  13. Till I Meet You In My Dreams – Richard Schumacher.

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Hosted by Just Dave and Casey Cannon