EPISODE #4: “Drinkin’, Smokin’ and Poppin’ Pills”

JUNE 02, 2014

Drinking songs are a folk tradition passed along by oral tradition– the foundation of country music. California has had a wild reputation since its pioneer days during the Gold Rush and whether a cautionary tale or rowdy sing-along, the tradition of drinkin’ and imbibin’ songs has evolved hand in hand with the golden state.


  1. Jack and Coke – Lynda Kay.
  2. The Bottle Let Me Down – Vince Gill & Paul Franklin.
  3. I Got Loaded – Los Lobos.
  4. Caballero – 29 Mules.
  5. Hang – Mojo Monkeys.
  6. The Piano Has Been Drinkin – Tom Waits.
  7. Little White Lines – Shooter Jennings.
  8. Hangovers and Heartaches – Jimi Nelson.
  9. Small Town Tragedy – Shurman.
  10. Whiskey, If You Were a Woman – Highway 101.
  11. What Don’t Kill Ya – Michael-Ann.
  12. Drunken Angel – Lucinda Williams.
  13. One More Drink Before I Go – Ted Russell Kamp

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